2017 Summer Jobs

Sawtooth Interpretive & Historical Association (SA) is hiring Naturalists for the 2017 summer season.

2017 Naturalist Job Description

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area (NRA) in Stanley, Idaho offers a great opportunity for someone seeking a summer experience in a unique and spectacular setting. The Sawtooth NRA encompasses 756,000 acres in the “Heart of Idaho” where rugged peaks, alpine lakes, free running streams, and breath-taking scenery abound. This stunning landscape inspires quiet introspection and observation as well as offers unlimited opportunities for hiking, fishing, mountain biking, camping, boating, and many other recreational activities.


During the summer of 2016 working for SIHA, I gained experience and flexibility leading programs for a multitude of visitors of all ages, hiked over 200 miles through the breathtakingly beautiful surrounding wilderness areas during my days off, and I made life-long friendships living and working with the other naturalists in the program.  I am now starting a career as an environmental educator, and I feel empowered through my time at SIHA in my ability to teach and communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  ~Sadie Perrin 2016

“I worked for SIHA the summer of 2015. Working as a naturalist for SIHA remains one of my favorite seasonal positions, due to the friendly co-workers, wilderness exploration opportunities, and the personal growth and confidence I acquired through environmental teaching. Stanley is a unique place that will steal your heart if you ever have the opportunity to call the town home. I will forever be thankful that my summer in Stanley helped me discover my love of solo hiking and camping.”  ~Bethany Unger 2015

I worked for SIHA during the summer of 2015. I learned the importance of connections and how they alone can influence the way people view their surroundings. In the Stanley Basin, I was able to educate its visitors of the almost non-existent growing/decomposing season which I connected to the Leave No Trace principle. Visitors presumably paid careful attention to even the tiniest pieces of their garbage when taking a bite of their snacks while on a hike later that day. Working for SIHA was a magical experience. We were always attending dinners with our board members, we had time to explore the vast wilderness that surrounds the valley and created some of the most intriguing entertainment to the community and its visitors. When we were not working or exploring, we were usually submerging ourselves into the culture of a seasonal life in Stanley. Although not many residents stick around all year, there is always someone to connect with on a deeper level through dancing the night away or sharing stories from back home over a roasting fire. It sounds romantic, that’s because it is my friends!  ~Nytashia Allbritton 2015

“I worked with SIHA in the summer of 2014. As a naturalist, I gained invaluable knowledge on the area including (but definitely not limited to) geography, history and ecology. I felt like part of the team from the moment I arrived, and thanks to the passion, leadership and dedication of the staff and board of SIHA I now consider myself well-versed in all things “Sawtooth”. The small community of Stanley is full of happy souls who all have one thing in common: a love of their town and surrounding mountains. And for good reason. The valley is a menagerie of all the best the west has to offer. Working with SIHA and sharing my love and knowledge of the area with visitors was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I now work as a Range Technician with the Sawtooth National Forest performing sage-grouse research, and I attribute where I am today to my season with SIHA.”  ~Becca Aceto 2014