To protect and advance the natural and cultural history of Idaho’s Sawtooth – Salmon River Country through preservation and education.


SIHA does what it says it will do. It keeps its promises and demonstrates a high level of integrity, especially regarding use of funds from members, friends, and grantors.

SIHA maintains the credentials of the past through preservation of relevant artifacts and oral histories.

SIHA provides natural resource and cultural history education through interpretation.

SIHA promotes enthusiasm for and appreciation of history and the environment by engaging people firsthand in interactions with both.

SIHA promotes the idea that the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is not just “anywhere USA”. It links its activities to values in PL92-400, including natural resource and cultural history interpretation.

SIHA impacts visitor behavior by encouraging respect and stewardship for the land and nature.

SIHA works with the Forest Service, its primary partner, to provide information and enhance interpretation. SIHA and the Forest Service do not duplicate roles, but each does what the other cannot do as well.