A quest

I’m off on a quest

To where the watchmen rest

Where they stay day and night

To assure the forest is right


I hop in my car

To a place not too far

The place that I seek

Goes by the name of Horton Peak


What will I find

On this great quest of mine?

Maybe some goats

Or some men with big totes.


The first things I meet

As I drive off the street

Some big fluffy sheep

And I slow to a creep


Some stare in alarm

But I swear I’m no harm

They pose for my shot

A few clicks and I’m off to my spot


I start up the trail

Like a boat with a sail

It’s only five miles

I say with a smile


Up and up I climb

With views so sublime

But, soon I must rest

As by body pretest


I continue to press

To place where they rest

As I walk through the tress

And soak in the warm summer breeze


After two hours

Using all of my powers

I’ve found what I seek

The top of Horton Peak


With 360 degrees

It’s so easy to see

It’s all so connected

As I sat and reflected


Where nature is respected

And forever protected


Written by naturalists Thomas Welch