From Redd to Shining Redd

I am born.

An alevin in a cold rocky bed

With a thousand of my siblings by my side

I think I’ll hide in the rocks for a while


I am hungry.

As a fry my yoke has been used up

And I must seek food for the first time

I think I see some plankton over there


I am protected.

A parr hiding among the willows and rocs

Avoiding the birds and trout trying to eat me

I think one’s coming now


I am anxious

A smolt with an urge I can’t explain

Telling me to go on a journey

I think I’ll go with the flow


I am free

As an adult with open water in every direction

With so much food I need to eat

I think I’ll fatten up


I am excited.

Heading home to where I was born

With the promise of finding mate

I think I’ll follow my nose


I am exhausted.

As I have traveled 900 miles

And laid every egg I have left

I think I nourish my brood


I am complete.

By Thomas Welch