My Sleeping Bag

It’s cold up her in the mountains
My sleeping bag is warm
If I stay I can day dream
Read and pretend I am far away
But if I get out
Oh the things I can do and see

I can find a secrete waterfall
Follow it to its source
Wash my face in its purifying water
Listen to its soft trickles
Loud trickles
And pouring thunderous current

I can find a quite lake
Clear and still
Home to the fish and bugs
That feed the forest
With nutrients
And life

I can find myself on a cliff side
Strapped in and clinging to the rock
The rock that formed millions of years ago
That give me
A view of the whole world

I can find a small Pika
Guarding its haystack
Screaming “eeek”
That sounds like
A small peep to me

I can find a trail
That takes me on a hike past huckleberries
Up a ridge
Across a mountain
And to a new home

My sleeping bag sigs cold
Alone in my tent
As I set off to find
Yet another adventure

Written By Naturalist Emma Adams
August 24, 2018