What’s in my pack?

Living here in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, gives me ample opportunity to hike. Some of my hikes take a few hours while others take me multiple days. Every hike is different, different mountains, lakes, wildlife, flowers, trees and trails. What doesn’t change is what is in my pack.
Every hike I go on no matter the size, distance or weather I like to bring my small day pack with me. Sometimes I use almost everything that I put in my pack other times I might only use the sunscreen and water, but with accordance to Leave No Trace one must Plan and Prepare ahead.
So, to help those who are curious. Here is what I bring in my pack.

• Water- I like to bring my water bladder, which allows me to drink as I walk if that is not an option for me, I will bring at least 32 oz of water for any sized hike.
• Sunscreen- A small bottle goes a long way. In the Sawtooths we are at a high elevation which means we are just a bit closer to the sun. Making sunburn just that much easier.
• First aid Kit- For small day hikes I take a small one full of a few band aids and disinfectant. For long hikes or multi-day I have a larger kit. This kit has gear like gauze, CPR mouth guard, scissors, aspirin, and an eye care.
• Map- Maybe the most important item to bring. I bring my map even. If I have been on the trial one hundred times, you never know what may happen.
• Compass- A map’s best friend
• Snacks/lunch- This is the best part, something lightweight and full of calories. You never know how long you might be, and a little snack is always a great pick-me-up when you are getting tired.
• Headlamp-I don’t need this very often but when I do, I am thankful I brought it.
• Pocket Knife/Multi-tool- These have a variety of uses and can be very handy.

This is what always sits in my pack. Many of these items never leave, so when every I want to hike all I have. To do is fill my water up and put on appropriate clothes and shoes and hit the door. Don’t be afraid to add or change. what you put in your pack as well. This is what I bring, you may want or need something else in your pack.
If you need some of this gear, think about purchasing a drawing ticket. For our adventure pack. For a chance to win a great day pack filled with about $500 worth of gear. $5 for a ticket or 5for $20. Contact SIHA for a ticket or buy one at the Stanley Museum or Redfish Visitor Center.

Get out there and explore.

Written by Naturalist Emma