Lifetime Members


As a cooperative association we have always had programs for people to directly support the work we do. Annual membership dues fund the Association’s general operations, providing income we rely significantly upon. The generous donors listed below showed their full support of the Sawtooth Association by purchasing a Lifetime membership when offered while the Association was in its infancy. Many of the donors listed continue(d) to give annually. We are grateful for their assistance! The valuable work we do needs your support. Please consider becoming a member!

Including those who are no longer with us, but their memories live on.

Sally & Nat Adams
Deana & Ivan Adams
Jeannie & Michael Anderson
Kirk Bachman
Jack Baird
Sherrill & Ervine Baird
Marsha & Bob Beckwith
Linda & Bill Bein
Emmy Blechmann
Joan & Mike Boren
Marjorie & Robert Boren
Kathy & Kent Browning
Val A. Browning Foundation
Lou & Ellen Callister
Terry* & Hans Carstensen
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J Chavanne
Wei & Jon Christianson
Stacey & Terry* Clark
Audra & Jeff Clegg
Kathy & Steve Cole
Anne & Steve Cunningham
Craig & Kay* Davies
Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Day
Alma & William Drewien
Claire & Larry Drexler
Holley & Chris duPont
Maryellen & Sparky Easom
Helen* Edge
Kirk Edge
James Elison Family
Susie* & Tom Evans
Beverly* & Doug Everett
Gary Flashner Family
Dee & Jerry Funderburg
Arlene* Funderburg
Laurii & Gary* Gadwa
Michael & Dale Gallagher
Patricia & Joe Gallagher
Dottie* Giffen
Grouse Creek Mining Inc
Mr. & Mrs. George Hamilton
Mattie Hansen
June & Orval Hansen
Bernice* & Ken* Hartz
Donna-Marie & Bob Hayes
Ann & Paul* Hill
Mel Huebel
Julie & Wayne Hughes
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Jerry’s Country Store
Judy & Leon Jones
Kathy Kempa
Carole King
Tom Kovalicky


Harvey Dale & Debra LaMorte
Charley J. Langer
Janis & Pat Lee
Bob Sevy &
Ann* Legg
Sally & Roland MacNichol
Madison Mahoney
Hannah Mahoney
J Michael Mahoney
Suzanne & Dan Mahoney III
Jean & Dan* J Mahoney Jr
Martha & Ray Mahoney
Stefanie & Jon Marvel
Laurie, Lon & Meghan McCurdy
Hi* McComish
John & Mary McGowan
Barb* & Dr. John McKain
Victoria & Herb Mumford
Floris* & Dick Neustaedter
Ruth* & Jack Niece
Alex & Suzanne Orb
Marie Osborn
Arlene & Dr. Fred Oyer
Dr. Pat Packard
Howard A Packard
Helen* & Ted Pardoe
Cynthia & Douglas Park
Susan & Reubin Perin
Melissa & David* Pinney
Redfish Lake Lodge
Lynn Rosellini & David Whitman
Martha Mahoney Sadler
Leidy Samson
Patty & Jack See
Tricia Swartling & John Seiller
Art* Selin
Mary Langer Smith
Rozalys* Smith
Michelle & Chris Stephens
Wendy* & Jack* Stevens
Phyllis & Fred Stewart
Erik Storlie
Anne Pasley-Stuart & Tom Stuart
Janet Switzer
Frank & Donna Symons
Deanne Thompson
Christy & Charlie Thompson
Dick Waite Family
Dr. Merle** W Wells
Elaine & Ted Welp
Diane Willis
Wes* Wills
Father James R Wilson
Linda & Dan Woodhead & Family
Bill & Virginia Woolley
Brett* Woolley Family

* Board Member/Former Board Member | **Founding Board Member