Sawtooth Association

Redfish Ridge (One Way)

Know before you go!

ACCESS: The Redfish Trailhead is very popular and serves many trails. Do not park in no parking zones. Please do not park off the side of the road in the sagebrush or other vegetation, it destroys the delicate alpine habitat.


Please don’t cut switchbacks! It causes erosion, destroys vegetation, and ruins the trail. This trail has many switchbacks, please use them!


Most of our trailheads do not have trash facilities. Please be prepared to pack out all of your trash from the trail and trailhead.


Bury human waste 6-8 inches deep. All toilet paper and wipes must be packed out. The nearest restroom is by Redfish Lake and Redfish Lodge. There is also a restroom at the Inlet Trailhead.


Trailhead: Redfish Trailhead/Inlet Trailhead 

Round trip: 5.3 miles

Elevation gain: 1000 ft


Hike either direction by starting at either the Redfish Trailhead or Inlet Trailhead. If hiking from the Redfish Trailhead, hike to the Inlet Trailhead and take the boat shuttle back to the Lodge. You then have to hike the short distance back to the Redfish Trailhead. You can also take the boat shuttle across the lake and hike back to the Redfish Trailhead. Enjoy beautiful views of Redfish Lake, the Sawtooths, and White Cloud Mountains as hike you hike along the Redfish moraine. This trail can be biked however expect to encounter lots of hikers and stock. This trail was not made for mountain bikers and is rated as more difficult for biking. Hikers and horses have the right of way. Bikes are allowed on the Redfish boat shuttle.

Fun fact: Hiking the Redfish Ridge means you are hiking on top of a glacial moraine! Stop by the Redfish Visitor Center to learn more!

Trail across the mountain side with Grand Mogul in the background