Sawtooth Association

Saddleback Lakes

Know before you go!

ACCESS: The Redfish Trailhead is very popular and serves many trails. Do not park in no parking zones. Please do not park off the side of the road in the sagebrush or other vegetation, it destroys the delicate alpine habitat.


Please don’t cut switchbacks! It causes erosion, destroys vegetation, and ruins the trail. This trail is not a maintained system trail. Please stay on the user-made trail to help reduce erosion and impacts.


Most of our trailheads do not have trash facilities. Please be prepared to pack out all of your trash from the trail and trailhead.


Fires are NEVER allowed at Saddleback Lakes because of high use and limited fuel sources. If you see a rock fire ring on the ground it is illegal, please don't use it. Consider bringing a camp stove to prepare food you were planning to cook.


Due to the high use and lack of natural soil, packing out human waste is strongly recommended here. Help protect our water quality and fragile alpine ecosystems by using wag bags. There is a restroom at Redfish Lake near Redfish Lodge and at the Inlet Trailhead.


Store your food in a bear hang or bear proof container. A fed bear IS a dead bear. Help keep our wildlife wild.


This trail enters wilderness. You need a free wilderness permit which can be picked up at the trailhead. Make sure you are aware of all the wilderness regulations.


Trailhead: Redfish Lake/Inlet Trailhead

Round trip: 6.8 miles

Elevation gain: 2000 ft


You will need to take the boat shuttle from Redfish Lake Lodge to Inlet Trailhead for this hike. Be prepared to route find on this hike. Saddleback Lakes is a popular rock climbing and overnight backpacking destination. Follow the trail up Redfish Canyon towards Flat Rock Junction. There is a left turn on a user-made trail to Saddleback Lakes. This junction is not signed. Cross the Redfish Creek which can be high and difficult to cross in spring and early summer. Continue up a steep, user-made trail to the lake. Expect snow in the early spring and summer on this hike. Campfires are never allowed at these lakes.

Wag bags are HIGHLY recommended if you are planning to camp at Saddleback lakes. There is little to no soil to bury human waste and it is a narrow granite canyon that sees a lot of use. You can pick up a wag bag at the Redfish Visitor Center. To learn more about wag bags visit our leave no trace page.

Green lake and Elephants perch rock formation at Saddleback lakes