Raft Trip Winner & September Clean-up

Raft Trip Winner and September Clean-up Announced

SIHA sends a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our raft trip drawing for our 50th anniversary fundraiser! Because of you we raised over $18,000. Thanks also to Ian, our 2023 Historic Specialist, for acting the part of Vanna to announce the winners!

We are winding down our summer season but the Stanley Museum will continue to be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm through September 24. Stop by to grab some SNRA swag, or see the exhibits we’ve been working on updating this season.

Volunteer Opportunity:

Each year we hold a Museum Work Day or tow in September to complete much needed maintenance on this special 90-year-old buildings. This year we’ll be meeting on Sunday, September 17th from 12:30-4pm with a tentative second day scheduled on September 25th if we don’t complete everything on the 17th. Send us an email to RSVP to info@discoversawtooth.org. Snacks provided!

Help us clean up our beloved front country and backcountry after another season of heavy use.

Tasks include:

  • Take photos! We would love to see before and after photos AND photos of people in your group working!
  • Pick up garbage. Large pieces of trash are easier to spot and definitely need to be removed. Also take some time to look for micro trash at campsites that are clearly heavily used. It can be easy to miss, but is just as important to remove.
  • Disassemble rock campfire rings, check for micro trash in the fire pit and then disperse the ashes.
  • Break apart any log structures/lean-tos/wickiups and disperse the logs.
  • If you feel comfortable, bury human waste at least 6 inches underground in a cat hole or trench, depending on how much of it you encounter in one location. Do not bury toilet paper. Put toilet paper in your trash bag and pack it out with you. Bury or remove pet waste, too.
Sign up using this link, grab a bag of supplies from one of these locations, and spend a day in the place we all love. Then send us a quick text to let us know how much garbage you removed so we can calculate our cumulative impact!

SIHA Summer Series Encore!

Join us for an encore program of our 2023 SIHA Summer Series at the Community Library in Ketchum. On Friday, September 22 at 5pm we’ll be hosting author and photographer Amy Gulick, who will share her work documenting the relationship between people and salmon in Alaska and what we might learn from our northern neighbors.

Special thanks to the Community Library for providing the setting.