Winter Recreation Impacts on Wolverine Habitats

The Alpine Examiner May 10, 2023 Naturalist Blog Getting to the heart of what matters in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Winter Recreation and Wolverine Habitats SIHA 2020 Naturalists Winter recreation is an ever-growing industry, especially in the western United States. Backcountry recreation such as snowmobiling and skiing is a culture of its own. As […]

Winter Plant Adaptations

Winter Plant Adaptations The first sign of fall is often associated with dying gardens and colorful forests, but not all trees change colors and wildflowers die. What causes the leaves to change? Which plants will come back next spring? Over time, plants have adapted to their environment, and in the Sawtooths especially, these adaptations are […]

Wintry Wonders of the Wolverine

Wintry Wonders of the Wolverine Wolverines are secretive creatures that are seldom seen. A glimpse of one disappearing over a ridge or behind a boulder is a once in a lifetime sight. Not only are they secretive and seldom seen, but they are still few and far between. Wolverines inhabit vast ranges creating many challenges […]